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In fall 2019, we delivered a fully customized kinetic light installation for the stage lighting design of the Bon Iver’s tour. During their ongoing Autumn tour, Bon Iver, one the biggest bands of the decade, have been performing in front of thousands of people on stages and arenas of the stunning venues across the United States and Canada.

Comprised of 75 KINETIC LIGHTS Winch LED systems, 25 custom-manufactured Mirror Squares and 63 ROBE MegaPointe moving lights, BON IVER MIRRORS became a highlight of the stage design. BON IVER MIRRORS was designed and specially fabricated for the tour to integrate the kinetic elements to the band’s immersive stage appearance. Our dynamic kinetic installation has been installed and calibrated with high precision for only one night in the major venues in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Paul, Rosemont, Toronto, Columbus, Columbus, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

The documentary by WePresent reveals our ongoing collaboration with Bon Iver’s incredible production designer and stage director Michael Brown, Berlin-based design studio WHITEvoid, and the Clearwing Productions crew.

Photo by Graham Tolbert