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For a new 360° version of SKALAR currently running in Amsterdam, Berlin-based studio WHITEvoid uses a wide range of our KINETIC LIGHTS products and technical services. Premiered in 2018 in Berlin and recently shown in Mexico City in 2019, SKALAR is a large-scale audiovisual installation by light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray and one of WHITEvoid‘s signature productions.

Presented in Gashauder, one of Amsterdam’s most significant venues for events, raves, and concerts, the new 360° circular set-up of SKALAR consists of 5 circles of trusses with diametres ranging from 5,6m to 33,7m and a trim height of 10m. The massive structure of 61 Mirrors Discs connected through 185 Winch LED / PIXEL is synchronized with 93 Robe moving lights and a circular multichannel sound system. The complex and extremely precise synchronization between all elements is controlled by KINETIC LIGHTS KL Control 3.0 software

SKALAR will be presented in Gashauder till 05.02.2020 as a daily exhibition with special live shows on 31.01 and 02.02.2020. For tickets and further information, please visit: https://www.skalar.art

Photo by Ralph Larmann.