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ELECTRIC SKY at the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party

Our ELECTRIC SKY illuminated the classy Vanity Fair Oscars after-party held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles last Sunday. Composed of 120 Sphere 17 with Winch XS, the sparkling array by KINETIC LIGHTS provided an intimate and festive atmosphere to the exclusive company of Academy Award guests and celebrities.

FREQUENCIES at the CTM Festival in Halle am Berghain in Berlin

In January 2019, Berlin-based design studio WHITEvoid presented FREQUENCIES as a part of CTM Festival’s 20th anniversary. Installed at Halle am Berghain along with a skating rink, the installation features a real-time synchronization of sound waves and light across our 50 RGB Pixel Line lights.

KINETIC LIGHTS software analyses music and generates a specific color assigned to every frequency and beat. The colors move through light rods to the music and create a dazzling display in stark contrast to the brutalist architecture of the concrete hall.

Immersive Light Show MIRROR MIRROR for BMW in Shanghai

In January 2019, the BMW Group celebrated the world premiere of the new BMW 7 Series in Shanghai, China. For the launch, Berlin-based studio WHITEvoid designed and directed MIRROR MIRROR, a kinetic light show. The production of the show was managed by L!VE Kingway China and was fully supported by our Kinetic Lights products. Our in-house technical team ensured the German precision of perfectly synchronized moving lights and mirrors.

The grand kinetic performance emphasized the significance of the new BMW luxury line-up on the Chinese market. The show, held in a massive venue in the bustling arts district of Shanghai, was a combination of electronic music and a live performance by Wu Tong, the famous Chinese sheng player.

This perfectly synchronized kinetic installation is made of the following Kinetic Lights products:
153 x Winch LED / Pixel system
51 x Mirror Disc light elements
and supported by:
42 ROBE lighting Pointe moving lights and 1 ROBE Mega Pointe moving lights.

STALACTITE @ Solana Light Festival in Beijing

As a result of nearly 15 years of groundbreaking experience in kinetic lighting, the technical team of KINETIC LIGHTS has mastered knowledge and skills to run not only indoor but also outdoor long-term light installations. STALACTITE is a massive Space Frame system hovering over the main stage of Solana light festival in Beijing, China. After a big opening show in December 2018, the installation will run for three months in the Chinese capital and can be visited any time of the day or night. The inverted network-like pyramid STALACTITE is composed of KINETIC LIGHTS’ 360 Rod light fixtures and Drivers LED.


Kinetic Lights products evolve and become more flexible and elegant with each project, meaning that now they’re even more compact to transport and faster to set up. Smartly hidden in a ground-based grid, the cabling becomes invisible and takes the pressure off technicians to organise dozens of cables connecting winches and light fixtures.

As demonstrated in ELECTRIC MOONS, the latest installation by WHITEvoid in the vast St. Maria Church in Stuttgart, our modular system made of 36 ground-based Kinetic Lights Winch XS is perfectly suited for architectural spaces that require specially tailored schemes since it is not limited in shape, layout or number of units. Also, ELECTRIC MOONS feature the new updated RGB version of our helium light Balloon. Each light fixture is easily adjusted to a real time controlled winch that enables users to instantly play with the speed and height or change colours from pale blue to flaming red.

Get in touch for the latest updates in products for sale and rent and our seamless technical expertise!

GRID Live @ Volvo Art Session

GRID, a collaboration between light artist Christopher Bauder and electronic music composer Robert Henke, is a powerful stimulation of fundamental human emotions. GRID was presented during Volvo Art Session at at the Schiffbau Halle in Zurich on the 7th of September. 96 Winches LED and 32 Triangle Rods were used to create Bauder and Henke’s audiovisual light installation that blurs boundaries between art and technology and transports audiences to another world, both hypnotising and magical. The musician and the light artist create a space where synthesized sound becomes extension of kinetic lights moving in horizontal and vertical lines, breathing in life into interconnected machines.


A dynamic kinetic installation made out of 102 KINETIC LIGHTS Winch LED / Pixel systems, 34 Mirror Disc light fixtures and 30 ROBE Pointe moving lights was presented at the 2nd season of Apologue 2047. The stage performance was directed by ZHANG Yimou and produced by L!VE Kingway at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing this June. ZHANG Yimou once again breaks the form of traditional stage plays combining Chinese folk arts with modern technology and thus creating a unique “concept performance”. The kinetic part MIRROR-MIRROR featuring modern beijing opera dancer Qiu Jirong was one out of 7 segments combining to create the Apologue 2047/2 show. Apologue 2047/2 will tour Chinese cities Tianjin, Xi’an and Nanjing throughout July 2018.


KINETIC LIGHTS was invited by The Factory production to create a kinetic installation and show for the opening of SADEEM. A mesmerizing stage performance explored the beauty of a dancer interacting with a gigantic kinetic sculpture composed of 435 Sphere 17 with Winch XS.


STALACTITE is a monumental installation created by light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Boris Divider. The immersive network-like art light installation is composed of Kinetic Lights 360 Rod light fixtures and Drivers LED. The Space Frame system constructs an inverted pyramid shape. The layers of light rods create pulsating light animations generating complex shapes and light patterns.

Photo by Ralph Larmann


Design agency WHITEvoid designed the 5 meters high light installation symbolising the digital fire as a highlight for Viessmann’s trade fair stand at Light+Building in Frankfurt and Intersolar Europe in Munich. The ever changing light sculpture is composed of 163 Pixel Line light fixtures and Driver PIXEL with more than 20.000 individually controllable pixels. KINETIC LIGHTS provided the equipment, technical development and programming of this impressive light installation.

Photo by Ralph Larmann

KINETIC LIGHTS supports SKALAR – art installation in BERLIN

SKALAR is a large-scale art installation that explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception created by light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray. Measuring 45m in length, 20m in width, and 10m in height, the generative luminous structure controlled by KINETIC LIGHTS KL Control 3.0 software, encompasses a perfectly synchronous interplay of 65 Mirrors Discs with 195 Winch LED / PIXEL, 90 Robe moving lights, and a multichannel sound system – elevating creative possibilities to a whole new level.

Photos by Ralph Larmann


KINETIC LIGHTS realises another permanent kinetic installation with custom Linear light fixtures designed especially to match the interior concept of the high-end office space of a creative agency in Berlin.

KINETIC LIGHTS for Hï Club Closing Party in Ibiza

Design agency WHITEvoid presents their 1st collaboration with High Scream at Hï Ibiza for the seasons closing party 2017. Hï is the latest and addition to the Ibiza club scene and provides state of the art production technology on the Island. KINETIC LIGHTS provided the technical development and programming of the kinetic light installation for the grand season finale. We specifically developed and installed a kinetic ceiling including 30 movable round mirrors and 30 kinetic mirror balls and LED lights. All kinetic elements were targeted with 30 Robe Pointe moving lights in full motion to create vivid light beam sculptures in mid air. KINETIC LIGHTS also provided the high precision motor systems and custom software for this unique spectacle.

Photo by Ralph Larmann

CIRCULAR light art installation on TOUR with KINETIC LIGHTS system

CIRCULAR is a kinetic light art installation created by Christopher Bauder. It is composed of three Pixel Rings suspended from the ceiling by 9 Winch LED/Pixel with pixel mapping extensions. CIRCULAR was presented in November 2017 at LUZA Light Festival in Portugal and in December at LOST Artfestival in Berlin.

KINETIC LIGHTS FOR PORSCHE @ the VIP Presentation in Hamburg

KINETIC LIGHTS was invited by imagency GmbH to create a kinetic installation called CONSTELLATION for the exclusive VIP Presentation of the new Porsche Cayenne in REE Hamburg. 60 RGB Sphere 50 with our Winch LED were installed above the stage and being integrated in a special show with a dance and the product presentation.

Photo by Porsche Zentrum Hamburg


KINETIC LIGHTS was invited by polish lighting integrator LTT to delight all future visitors of Poland’s youngest and biggest shopping mall in Warsaw with a unique kinetic light installation.

Now and then forming the logo of Galeria Polnocna the vibrant illumination breathes life into the most versatile shopping and entertainment mall by literally adding a (3rd) dimension. The ever changing light sculpture is composed of 134 Winch LED, 73 Driver LED, 54 Sphere 50, 62 Sphere 30 and 99 Sphere 17. The arrangement of the kinetic installation and programming was done by LDC from Madrid with a custom software in combination with our KL Control software.

Photo by LTT


Moscow based agency Lunar Hare produced a spectacular event for Tiffany held in a museum space right around the corner of world famous department store GUM. KINETIC LIGHTS was invited to realise a magical Living Sculpture kinetic installation composed of 72 Winch LED and 24 OLED Triangles carrying 864 ultra thin glass OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes). Computer-controlled patterns of gradually evolving movement and luminance accent the OLEDs specific mirror-and-light surface texture.

Photos by Lunar Hare


The latest, and the largest ASICS flagship store to date, designed by Brinkworth, has opened on London’s iconic Regent Street. KINETIC LIGHTS was asked by Skratch AV to create a temporary WAVE kinetic installation made out of 120 Winch LED and Rod LED lights for the opening ceremony and the following 2 weeks.

Photo by ASICS