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For the groundbreaking ABBA Voyage concert series, we designed and produced a kinetic light show that sets new standards. With 30,000 individually controllable and moving light points, this installation is an absolute world record in its size and complexity. While ABBA perform their greatest hits as digital avatars, a 25,000 m3 light sculpture connects the real room with the digital world displayed on huge screens on stage. WHITEvoid produced the show in collaboration with director Baillie Walsh and the pioneers of digital effects, Industrial light and magic. We used 700 winches, 89 mirror discs and 430 newly developed pixel strings (with 30 light points each). Because of the complexity and amount of moving light points we also updated our Kinetic Light Software to a new and more powerful version.
KINETIC LIGHT products used:
• 430 Winch L
• 430 Pixel Strings