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KINETIC LIGHTS Winch Wire is one of the most advanced steel wire motor winches on the market. With a travel height of 7 meters at a variable speed of up to 1 meter per second, the Winch Wire brings unparalleled performance to art, interior, stage, show and event lifting applications. The main use of this high precision winch system is the synchronized spatial animation of large arrays of tethered objects.

The Winch Wire is fully real-time controllable via DMX from the KINETIC LIGHTS KL_Control Software and external lighting desks, mixing consoles or audio applications.


dimensions: 28x28x49cm / 11″x11″x19,3″
weight: 8kg / 18lb
load on wire: 3kg / 7lb acc. to BGV C1/DGUV17
cable length: 8m / 26ft
lifting height: 7m / 23ft
lifting speed: max 0,6m per sec./max 2ft per sec.
power supply: 100V-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1,3A/240V 2,6A/115V
control: DMX512 (bidirectional) / 16 channels
connection: DMX 5-pin (all active), daisy chain
cover: black, white or colored
mount: truss clamp



– suitable for temporary and permanent installations
– patented high precision wire roll up and positioning system
– nonvolatile security chain link at wire end
– detachable 360 degree rotatable truss clamp
– winch shell available in black, white and custom colors
– all parts made in Germany


– up to 25 winches can be daisy chained on one DMX signal line
– grouping of multiple winches for moving and tilting complex objects and higher weight lifting applications
– auto setup function with cable end position self-detection
– variable speed from 0 to 0,6 meter per second
– repeatable wire positioning at a precision of 1mm for all speeds
– variable acceleration and deceleration
– real-time DMX back channel reports wire position, acceleration and speed settings
– all winch parameters can be read and set via DMX remote connection.
– remote controllable from lighting desks and DMX control softwares


– custom motorization for heavier lifting
– custom light objects can be attached
– compact stackable transport stage cases available

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Winch Wire_G_004