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KINETIC LIGHTS — Emotion in Motion

the leading specialist in kinetic lighting


KINETIC LIGHTS has been engineering and manufacturing professional kinetic lighting equipment for more than ten years. We have helped to pioneer NEW modes of entertainment and we are constantly redefining the state-of-the-art in technology and aesthetics.

KINETIC LIGHTS creates immersive installations around the world.




KINETIC LIGHTS is the leading producer of kinetic lighting. We develop and produce a wide range of DMX WINCHES in both steel wire and powered cable varieties. Our winches are critical components in the lighting setup at all kinds of events: art galleries, interior displays, stage shows, and much more.

Our high-precision hoists are used mainly for synchronized spatial animation of large arrays of tethered LED light fixtures.



Our winch system sets the industry standard. It detects excess weight and slack lines automatically, and it has automated dead switches at both ends of the lift cable.

Most importantly, our winch is the only system in its class to comply with all international safety regulations, including BGV C1 and DGUV 17, UL, CE.

All our systems are engineered and built in Germany.



Custom control software

supports the easy setup and synchronized real-time control of unlimited numbers of cable winches and attached LED light elements in any spatial configuration.

 Rental & Purchase

KINETIC LIGHTS is a production house for brilliant ideas. We support you at every step of the journey, from strategy to concept to execution. Our system can be rented for temporary applications or purchased for permanent indoor installations worldwide.