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– triangle for 3 winches
– pixel mappable panel
– 4 mm pixel pitch
– 100 cm side length, 3 cm thickness
– weight: 8,5 kg


KINETIC LIGHTS Video Triangle with 1 GB data stream is the brand new product developed by KINETIC LIGHTS. Video Triangle offers an innovative solution for the streaming of the high-res video to the moving LED displays. Now you can stream your live or pre-programmed content directly to the kinetic video screens connected through a network of KINETIC LIGHTS Winches.

The live streaming requires no additional wiring — video signals loop directly through our KINETIC LIGHTS Winches and their patented load-carrying cables. Every kinetic installation composed of Video Triangles can be individually customized according to the number of units, size, and form required by individual spaces and venues. According to KINETIC LIGHTS standards, these ‘flying’ video installations can be deployed directly above viewers or performers.


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