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– light rods with modular corner connectors
– used for large space frame structures
– RGB LED illumination
– diffuse translucent
– 185 cm side length, 5 cm diameter
– 1,2 kg per rod

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Our RGB light rods were specifically developed for the Kinetic Lights system. The diffuse translucent PMMA rods have perfect light refraction characteristics. The RGB LED light strip is integrated into a small aluminium profile on top of the rod. This allows for 330 degrees of totally even light emission. The brightness of our RGB LED light rods is also suitable for shaded daylight applications. Several 185 cm light rods can be connected to form large SPACE FRAME structures. It serves both as illumination as well as a central eye catching attraction.
Each light module is connected to KINETIC LIGHTS’ Driver LED unit and can be controlled separately by KL Control 2.0 Software. Synchronized light animations generate complex shapes and light patterns within the array.