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Kinetic Lights-Renault-Color Manifesto-001

KINETIC LIGHTS’ DRIVER LED and ROD LIGHTS are used to create the spectacular 3D SURFACE light installation for the COLOR MANIFESTO exhibition at L´Atelier Renault on Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Renault presents six new car models inspired by the human life cycle. WHITEvoid designs both the interior architecture and the illumination for the exhibition.

The space is arranged in such a way as to illustrate various stages of life, encompassed and illuminated by a light sculpture.

The sculpture consists of 750 RGB LED rods, organized symmetrically in five rows. Its wave-like shape symbolizes the non-linearity of the path life takes. The rods subtly change color in a way that reflects modern teachings of color-psychology. Each part of the exhibition has a unique light color matched to a corresponding car model.

Beyond being just a car show or a light exhibition, COLOR MANIFESTO is a place where life meets technology and color meets feeling in order to create a unique experience.