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A gigantic ELECTRIC SKY installation made out of 640 Winch XS and Sphere 17 LED lights was created by KINETIC LIGHTS for an epic 2047 Apologue stage performance directed by ZHANG Yimou and produced by L!VE Kingway at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing.

ZHANG Yimou breaks the form of traditional stage plays, combining Chinese folk arts with international technology, and thus creating a unique “concept performance”. The Chinese folk arts was presented with different high-tech, igniting new vitality. Noticeably, 20 teams and individuals from seven countries gathered in this performance.

director: Zhang Yimou
assistant director: Lulu He
production: L!VE Kingway China
kinetic show design: WHITEvoid (C. Bauder, D. Dalfovo, M. Bossard)
video: Radugadesign
dancer: Rose Alice
dance chorography: cpg-concept (Lisa Keegan, Emma Seward)
weaving performer: Wu Shuxiang