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– dimensions: 75x340cm / 2,5×11 ft
– weight empty: 3kg / 6,5lb
– weight with water ballast: 22kg / 48lb
– power supply: 220/110V AC, 50-60 Hz
– rechargeable battery life: 16h
– balloon material: latex
– balloon diameter: 60cm / 25″
– LED: neutral white

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KINETIC LIGHTS developed and produced 8000 units of their new outdoor product Balloon Light for the 15 kilometer long light installation along the former Berlin Wall called LICHTGRENZE.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the “Fall of the Berlin Wall” from the 7th to the 9th of November 2014, an extraordinary light installation – The LICHTGRENZE (The Border of Lights) – has been created. It was following the 15.3 kilometer long former route of the wall separating the western and eastern part of Berlin. The LICHTGRENZE light installation was made out of 8000 individual Balloon Lights, 340cm high and distributed with 250cm distances along the line.

The Balloon Light is a novel lightweight and flexible outdoor decorative light. It consists of a foot with water ballast and a rechargeable battery, flexible carbon fiber rod pole and white LED lit balloon top. The balloon can be filled with air or helium. When filled with helium the balloon can be released by pulling a special mechanism as an event highlight. The Balloon Lights can be broken down into 4 parts for easy transport and quick setup. An integrated power converter and rechargeable battery allow for direct power connection or 16 hours of independent operation.

The Balloon Light is available for rental or purchase. Minimum purchase quantity is 50 units.