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Living Sculpture is installed as the centerpiece above a car presentation platform for the CADILLAC trade fair stand at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013. The mirrored surface of the OLEDs alternates with soft warm OLED light to reflect and illuminate the car below.

The Living Sculpture installation is composed of 24 OLED triangles made out of 864 ultra thin glass OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes).

36 OLEDs are mounted on each frame held in place by unobtrusive metal clamps that also conduct the power. This custom-developed mechanism renders traditional socket or direct cabling obsolete. Each triangular frame is then attached to three cable winch systems. 24 of these movable frames form the hexagonal arrangement of the installation, which has a diameter of six meters. Gradually evolving movement and luminance patterns that are controlled by computer accent the OLEDs specific mirror-and-light surface texture.