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KINETIC LIGHTS offers a wide range of Light Fixtures for various kinetic and static art, interior, stage, show and event lighting applications. All our Light Fixtures are fully compatible with our Winch LED or Winch XS  (small light fixtures only) lifting systems. All Light Fixtures can also be used as static DMX controllable light elements with Driver LED. We can also provide custom light fixture designs based on our various LED and OLED light core solutions.

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Sphere 50

50 cm

Sphere 30

30 cm

Sphere 17/9

17 cm / 9 cm


h 23 cm




a 180 cm

Double Rod

a 360 cm

Triangle Rod

a 180 cm

Rod XS

a 100 cm

Pixel line

a 175 cm

Space Frame

a 185 cm

Pixel ring

90–210 cm

Mirror Disc

98 cm

Video Panel

80 x 80 cm

VIDEO Triangle

a 100 cm

OLED Triangle

a 95 cm

Mirror Sphere

40 cm / 30 cm

Mirror Cube

30 cm / 20 cm


h 170 cm


h 165 cm

Balloon 70

70 cm

Balloon Light

60 cm
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