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– light rod connected to 2 winches
– RGB LED illumination
– diffuse translucent
– 180 cm length, 5 cm diameter
– weight: 1,6 kg

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Our RGB Rod lights were specifically developed for the Kinetic Lights system. The diffuse translucent rods have perfect light refraction characteristics. The RGB LED light strip is integrated into a small aluminum profile on top of the rod. This allows for 330 degrees of perfectly even light emission. The brightness of our RGB LED Rod light is suitable for shaded daylight applications. Multiple Rod lights attached to our Winch systems can be arranged in a matrix or row. The installation created by a linear arrangement of RGB Rods is called SWOOSH. It is both a source of illumination and an eye-catching central attraction. Each light module is adjusted individually in position and luminance with the control software. By synchronizing position and light animation, complex shapes and light patterns are generated within the array. The Rod light can also be used as a DMX controllable static LED light fixture in combination with our Driver LED unit.