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– semi transparent mirror light sphere
– dimmable white LED illumination
– semi-metalized polycarbonate silver globe
– chrome metal canopy and components
– 40 / 30 cm diameter
– 1,3 / 1 kg

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The VISO Mirror Sphere 40 / 30 fits perfectly to the KINETIC LIGHTS system as a medium scale light fixture for exclusive interiors. The semi-metalized polycarbonate silver globes are lit internally with white cascading high power LED corn lights. When turned on the dimmable lights shine through the mirror surface and at the same time reflect internally to infinity. This gives the mirror spheres a festive and classy look. The brightness of the VISO Mirror Sphere 40 / 30 is best suitable for darkened environments.

VISO was established in the late 90′s when designer/entrepreneur Filipe Lisboa of Portugal undertook an unconventional approach to lighting design. His unique take on 60′s and 70′s-inspired designs was an

instant standout among his peers. VISO’s collections reflect a sophisticated elegance and cutting-edge style earning unprecedented success in the European market.

Multiple VISO Mirror Sphere 40 / 30 lights attached to our Winch systems can be arranged in a matrix. It serves both as illumination as well as a central eye-catching attraction. Each light module is adjusted individually in position and luminance through the control software. By synchronizing position and light animation, complex shapes and light patterns are generated within the array. The VISO Mirror Sphere 40 / 30 light can also be used as a DMX controllable static LED light fixture in combination with our Driver LED unit.