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KL Control 3.0

KLC 3.0 gives you direct control over your winches and light elements – in any quantity, combination, and spatial arrangement. Easily create motion and light effects, and run the whole system from any lighting desk or media server. KLC 3.0 is the most powerful tool for engineering complex choreographies, yet it’s remarkably simple to use.






– High precision for synchronized motion and lighting effects
– 3D Scene for offline programming and stage integration
– Integrates seamlessly with other control software
– Ensures safety by checking winch feedback in real-time


– Simple and intuitive setup of winches and light elements
– Import winch layouts, stages, and other 3D environments
– Quickly adjust winch top and bottom range according to space
– Easily adjust the winch’s power settings for a particular light element




– Extensive library of customizable patterns for motion and light
– Image and video pixel mapping
– Link motion and light effects, e.g. change color by height
– Audio analysis, beat detection and beat tap function
– Easily adapt and change effect parameters in real time


– Full status report of winches read and analyzed in real time
– Position feedback ensures accurate positioning
– Value handling for smooth acceleration and deceleration
– Intelligent height check to avoid unbalanced connected objects, e.g. triangles




– Seamless integration with other control software
– Replay effects and cues based on Timecode or external cue triggers
– Control each winch and light element from any lighting desk or media server via Art-Net
– Control motion and light effects with video footage and images, e.g. Logo
– Import live audio or midi tracks for effects from music software like Ableton