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KINETIC LIGHTS software KL_Control 2.0 supports the easy setup and synchronized real-time control of unlimited numbers of cable winches and attached LED light elements in any spatial configuration. KL_Control 2.0 features extensive generative pattern libraries and supports external remote control from lighting desks, mixing consoles or audio applications. This makes KL_Control 2.0 a powerful tool to create, control and play complex choreographed light and motion shows.


KL_Control 2.0


– synchronized winch motion and light control
– control for unlimited numbers of winches
– scalable winch layout creator with helper grids
– importer for custom layout and ID files
– procedural pattern generator libraries
– show editor with cue list
– live VJ mode with effects crossfader
– beat detection and beat tap function
– image and video pixel mapping
– real-time 3D preview
– DMX back channel monitoring
– artNet and OSC output
– supports multiple ArtNet to DMX interfaces
– remote controllable via ArtNet or OSC
– compatible with lighting consoles (e.g. grandMA)
– compatible with music softwares (e.g. Ableton LIVE)



change generative pattern variables in real-time
program custom effects with integrated motion and light editor
link motion and light effects (e.g. color by height, color by speed)
use real-time audio analysis for effect mapping
set motor and light power parameters on winches through DMX
write top and bottom positions to winch firmware
create interactivity with sensors or 3D tracking

System recommendations:

– Windows 7, Windows 8
– 4 GB RAM
– GeForce GTX 780 and up or recent Quadro cards
– AMD Radeon HD 6970 and up or recent AMD FirePro card
– most recent graphics drivers installed
– three-button mouse
– ArtNet to DMX interface(s)


KL_Remote 1.0

KL_Remote 1.0 works as a remote control for the KL_Control 2.0 Software.

– iPad App
– communicates with KL_Control via OSC protocol
– real-time remote control of effects parameters
– remote trigger of motion and light presets
– remote control of show playback and show selection