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In January 2019, the BMW Group celebrated the world premiere of the new BMW 7 Series in Shanghai, China. For the launch, Berlin-based studio WHITEvoid designed and directed MIRROR MIRROR, a kinetic light show. The production of the show was managed by L!VE Kingway China and was fully supported by our Kinetic Lights products. Our in-house technical team ensured the German precision of perfectly synchronized moving lights and mirrors.

The grand kinetic performance emphasized the significance of the new BMW luxury line-up on the Chinese market. The show, held in a massive venue in the bustling arts district of Shanghai, was a combination of electronic music and a live performance by Wu Tong, the famous Chinese sheng player.

This perfectly synchronized kinetic installation is made of the following Kinetic Lights products:
153 x Winch LED / Pixel system
51 x 49 Mirror Disc light elements

and is supported by:
42 ROBE lighting Pointe moving lights and 1 ROBE Mega Pointe moving lights.