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– triangle for 3 winches
– 36 OLED white mirror lights
– 9 individually dimmable OLED clusters
– aluminum, mirrored glass OLEDs
– 95 cm side length, 2 cm thickness
– weight: 2,15 kg

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The OLED Triangle was specifically developed for the Kinetic Lights system in cooperation with PHILIPS Lumiblade. 36 ultra thin glass OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) are mounted on a triangular aluminum frame held in place by unobtrusive metal clamps that also conduct the power. This unique mechanism renders any traditional socket or direct cabling obsolete. It also lends this high-end fixture a thin and airy appearance. Gradually evolving movement and luminance patterns that are controlled by computer accent the OLEDs specific mirror-and-light surface texture. Each triangular frame is attached to 3 cable winches. Multiple OLED Triangle lights attached to our Winch systems can be arranged in a matrix. The installation created by a matrix of OLED Triangles is called LivingSculpture. It is both a source of illumination and an eye-catching central attraction. Each light module is adjusted individually in position and luminance with the control software. By synchronizing position and light animation, complex shapes and light patterns are generated within the array. The OLED Triangle can also be used as a DMX controllable static LED light fixture in combination with our Driver LED unit.