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Kinetic Lights products evolve and become more flexible and elegant with each project, meaning that now they’re even more compact to transport and faster to set up. Smartly hidden in a ground-based grid, the cabling becomes invisible and takes the pressure off technicians to organise dozens of cables connecting winches and light fixtures.

As demonstrated in ELECTRIC MOONS, the latest installation by WHITEvoid in the vast St. Maria Church in Stuttgart, our modular system made of 36 ground-based Kinetic Lights Winch XS is perfectly suited for architectural spaces that require specially tailored schemes since it is not limited in shape, layout or number of units. Also, ELECTRIC MOONS feature the new updated RGB version of our helium light Balloon. Each light fixture is easily adjusted to a real time controlled winch that enables users to instantly play with the speed and height or change colours from pale blue to flaming red.

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