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KINETIC LIGHTS Installation @ CeBIT 2015

NEWS_vodafone cebit 2015

The Vodafone stand at the CeBIT 2015 features a monumental light installation composed of 600 static Rod Lights arranged with our new Space Frame system and powered by Driver LED controllers. The complex 3D structure is complimented by 150 Pixel Line LED strips integrated in the floor.

100 Winches for Telekom @ CeBIT 2015


100 Winch Wire are used to create a kinetic umbrellas choreography for the Telekom Stand at the CeBIT computer fair 2015.

KINETIC LIGHTS @ The Nike Zoom City Arena in New York


KINETIC LIGHTS was hired to produce an installation made from Rod Lights and a mixture of Winch LED and Driver LED for the NBA All-Star Weekend at the Nike Zoom City Arena in New York. The kinetic structure is located in the “Zoom Genealogy Room” designed by US agency Production Glue to create an energetic light show above and around the product exhibition.

Massive kinetic lights installation @ IFA 2014

News_Vodafone IFA

The Vodafone stand at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin 2014 features a monumental light installation composed of 300 WinchLED with 100 Triangle Rods, 400 static Rods in a 3D Space Frame arrangement and 150 Pixel Lines – newly developed pixel mappable LED strips in the floor.



For the anniversary event of the norwegian supermarket chain REMA with over 8500 guests in Oslo, we installed our biggest Kinetic Lights installation to date. To create an ambient atmosphere in the stadium-sized event hall, we used 250 moving Sphere Lights on our WinchLED. With a surface area of 100 x 70 meters and using over 5000m of cables, this was the largest Kinetic Lights project yet.

WHITEvoid for Vodafone @ CeBIT 2014


The Vodafone stand at the CeBIT 2014 features a monumental light installation composed of 450 static Rod lights arranged with our new Space Frame system and powered by Driver LED controllers. The complex 3D structure was complimented by 80 kinetic Triangle rods.

Paper Wave – The longest Kinetic Lights installation so far


CITROËN celebrates the 5th anniversary of its DS-Models and at the same time marks the 136th birthday of its founder Andre Citroën by presenting its newest C4 Cactus model, along with the longest (65m) Kinetic Lights installation so far. The idea for the “The Paper Wave” installation comes from CITROËN and agency Lever de Rideau. It has been implemented by WHITEvoid designers and engineers.

3D Surface light installation for L’Atelier Renault in Paris

kl_2013_Renault_Color Manifesto

KINETIC LIGHTS’ DRIVER LED and 750 ROD LIGHTS are used to create the spectacular 3D SURFACE light installation for the COLOR MANIFESTO exhibition at L´Atelier Renault on Champs-Élysées in Paris. This is more than a car show and more than a light exhibition. COLOR MANIFESTO is a place where life meets technology and color meets feeling in order to create a unique experience. WHITEvoid designs both the interior architecture and illumination for the exhibition.

KINETIC LIGHTS develops LivingSculpture kinetic installation for Philips


The LivingSculpture kinetic installation is designed  as the centerpiece for the Philips trade fair stand at the Light+Building trade fair 2012 in Frankfurt.

The installation is composed of 24 movable triangular aluminium frames carrying 864 ultra thin glass OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) in total.