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– light balloon (air or helium)
– RGB LED illumination
– foil, diffuse translucent
– 200 cm diameter
– 4,8 kg material weight
– 3 kg lift with helium filling

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Airstars Balloon 200 (LUNIX) with internal RGB LED light fits perfectly to the Kinetic Lights system as a large-scale floating or hanging light fixture. The balloon can be filled with air and hanged from the ceiling or can float up from the ground when filled with helium. Multiple tethered balloons can be synchronized in height and light animation to form a large-scale balloon ballet.Airstar is a diversified lighting company, committed to improving projects through timely innovations. As a world leader in lighting balloons, Airstar integrates technology and design into project-centric solutions, based on fundamental customer insights. Multiple Balloon 200 lights attached to our Winch systems can be arranged in a matrix. It is both a source of illumination and an eye-catching central attraction. Each light module is adjusted individually in position and luminance with the control software. By synchronizing position and light animation, complex shapes and light patterns are generated within the array. The Balloon 200 light can also be used as a DMX controllable static LED light fixture in combination with our Driver LED unit.